Lady Unchained

“My life ended and began with a prison sentence,
Those metal doors awoke the faith in me”

Lady Unchained

I am Lady Unchained. A poet, promoter, workshop facilitator, Founder and CEO of Unchained Poetry (an artistic platform for artists with experience of the criminal justice system).

Lady Unchained is available for performances, workshops, panels and discussions, and is currently working working on her debut poetry collection and album.

Over the course of the next 12 months, more examples of Lady Unchained’s ground breaking and emotive work will be posted up here alongside listings of her performances and workshops. She is a powerful advocate of women within the prison system and her writing and performances challenge everything we thought we knew about the criminalised female.

Keep checking back to read cantos and short stories from Lady Unchained, as well as a specially commissioned film of a new piece written exclusively for The Night Alphabet project.


The Night Alphabet is the debut collection of short stories from award-winning poet and author Joelle Taylor.

The Night Alphabet are the secret messages scratched into the backs of men by sex trafficked women, a clandestine code of resistance and uprising.

The Night Alphabet tells the magic realist stories of marginalised women around the globe, from ghost mothers to women’s motorcycle gangs.

Joelle will be posting updating these  pages regularly as she researches the collection, and travels across the world to meet women in the strangest of places.

Joelle will also be mentoring three uncompromising women poets and helping them to write their life stories, explore new forms and genres, and provide wider access to platforms for performing and publishing. These are

Lady Unchained (Brenda Birungi) 

Fatema S Hawydi

Sarah Crutwell

You can keep track of EVENTS here.